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University of British Columbia Library

UBC Library is a high-ranking member of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). It has 21 branches and divisions, and is the largest library in British Columbia. Its collections include more than 6.3 million volumes, more than 875,000 e-books, more than 883,000 maps, audio, video and graphic materials, and more than 165,000 serial titles. The Library provides access to expanding digital resources and houses an on-site Digitization Centre.

In the spring of 2010, UBC Library presented a new strategic plan to guide the institution for the next five years. The document features five strategic directions: Enhance Student Learning; Accelerate Research; Manage Collections in a Digital Context; Engage with Community; and Create an Exceptional Work Environment. These directions also align with Place and Promise, the strategic plan for UBC as a whole.

Ohio University Libraries

Established in 1804, Ohio University is the oldest public institution of higher learning in the Northwest Territory and in the State of Ohio.  The Athens campus has approximately 17,000 students enrolled in 250 undergraduate programs.  It also confers master’s degrees in nearly all major academic divisions and awards doctoral degrees in selected departments.  International programs represent an important focus for the campus and over 1,000 international students enrolled at Ohio University.  

Ohio University’s library collection began in 1811 with a $316 purchase of books and a globe.  By 1814 the first library rules were codified and by 1830 the collection had grown to 3,000 books.  In 2009 Ohio University Libraries acquired its 3,000,000th volume.  While proud of our 3,000,000 volumes, 70% of new purchases are for electronic resources.  We had 12 million website visits in 2010 and our expectation is for nearly 15 million for 2012.  Ohio University Libraries have been a member of the Association of Research Libraries since 1995.  The University Libraries hosted 2.2 million in-person visits in 2011, an increase of 73% in the past five years.

It is our special collections, though, such as those held by our Center for International Collections, that bring a distinctive identity to Ohio University Libraries because they represent the richness, strength and depth of our holdings.  These collections attract top scholars from around the world to Ohio University and the stewardship and preservation of those collections are major and enduring contribution of the University Libraries to the academy.