Date             Title    Location
November, 2011 Dragon Tails, 2011 the Chinese Museum in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
February 11-12, 2012 Rediscovered Past: Chinese tropical Australia Chinese Heritage in Northern Australia Inc. (CHINA Inc) Hotel, Sheridan Plaza, 295 Sheridan Street, Cairns, QLD, 4870, Australia
February 21-24, 2012

2012 TELDAP International Conference

Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
May 21-22, 2012 10th Annual Chinese Internet Research Conference University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism
June 9- 10, 2012 The Inaugural Biennial Conference on Malaysian Chinese Studies Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
September 22-23, 2012 International Symposium and 25th Annual Meeting Association of Chinese Political Studies, San Francisco, USA