Tentative Schedule (May 17)

Thursday, May 17, 2012          9:00am-10:30am


  1. Sources on Chinese overseas: traces in business archives at the Hung On-To Memorial Library of the University of Hong Kong (Edith CHAN, University of Hong Kong)
  2. From Criticism to Mutual Support: Richmond Public Library’s Relationship with the Cantonese Speaking Community (Wendy JANG, Richmond Public Library)
  3. Bilingual Metadata and Discovery – Don’t Let Your Chinese Archives Get Lost In Translation (Lilly LI and Allan CHO, University of British Columbia)
  4. Telling the Story of the Chinese of California in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries: A Collaborative Online Exhibition (Theresa SALAZAR, University of California, Berkeley)
  5. Library Marketing for Southeast Asia Chinese Overseas Special Collections: Transnational Discovery & Delivery (Virginia Jing-yi SHIH, University of California, Berkeley)
S2: Canadian Law, Intermarriage and Ethnic Relations for Chinese immigrants and Aboriginal Canadians

  1. Intermarriage between the early Chinese immigrants and First Nations women (Senator Lillian Eva (Quan) DYCK)
  2. Experiences of immigrant Chinese Women with Canadian Immigration and Settlement (1950-1990) (Senator Vivienne POY)
  3. Chinese or Canadian: the Cultural Dynamic of Chinese-Canadians in Toronto (Jack H.T. LEONG, University of Toronto)
S3: Forced Migration and Refugeedom: A Neglected Aspect of Chinese Overseas Studies

  1. Exile and Imagined Homeland: Cultural Nostalgia and the Mainlander Native Place Associations in Taiwan, 1962-1987 (Dominic Meng-Hsuan YANG, University of British Columbia)
  2. Overseas Chinese Refugees in the People’s Republic of China: A Neglected Field of Study (Glen PETERSON, University of British Columbia)

  1. Colorado’s Celestials (Katie ADAMSON, University of Colorado Denver)
  2. Chinese Chicago: Transnational Migration and Business, 1870s-1940s (Huping LING, Truman State University)
  3. The Growth and Sustainability of Chinese American Nonprofit Organizations in U.S. Metropolitan Areas (Chi-kan Richard HUNG, University of Massachusetts)
  4. Merchants, Students, and Laborers: The Intersections of Local, National, and Transnational History of Chinese America in New England, ca. 1840-1945 (Wing-kai TO, Bridgewater State University)

  1. Immigration, Ethnicity and Diaspora Communities: The Study of Three Chinese Cultural Centres in Canada (Shibao GUO, University of Calgary)
  2. Participation of Chinese Pioneers in British Columbia Salmon Canneries, 1880’s to 1920’s (Rudy M.T. CHIANG)
  3. Chung Nye of New Westminster, B.C – A Canadian Story from the Perspective of Chinese Pioneers living in B.C. during the 1880’s to 1920’s (Rudy M.T. CHIANG)
  4. A Page of Canadian History Retold in the Opera “Iron Road” (Ka Nin CHAN, University of Toronto)

  1. 移民與難民:加拿大多倫多緬華社群的生活場域與文化實踐 (台灣國立歷史博物館 翟振孝)
  2. 清末民国时期广东台山地方社会的变迁 (五邑大学 黄海娟)
  3. 1980年后福州向美国的移民及其发展变化 (福建社会科学院 黄英湖)

Thursday, May 17, 2012        10:45am-12:15pm


  1. Moving words and images: Chinese rare collections at UBC (Jing LIU, University of British Columbia)
  2. Cambridge Chinese Rare Book and Manuscript Collections: Discoveries and Rediscoveries of Items Related to Robert Morrison and the Taiping Rebellion (Kang TCHOU, Cambridge University)
  3. 論UBC亞圖所藏中文善本古籍的文物價值與文獻價值 (四川師範大學 管錫華 / 加拿大卑诗大學 吳欣欣)
S8: Revisiting Diaspora in Translation

  1. Eileen Chang: Self-Translation of the Diaspora (Jessica Tsui Yan LI, York University)
  2. Ethnicity in Transit: Eileen Chang, Translation, and Cold War America (Chris LEE, University of British Columbia)
  3. Translation as Cultural Negotiation: On Eileen Chang’s Adaptation of her Own Novels (Xuanmin LUO, Tsinghua University& Jing WANG, Zhejiang Wanli College)

  1. We’re not in Kansas anymore: Chinese Americans mirrored in picture books at Northeast Kansas Library System member libraries (Anna Ching-Yu WONG, Syracuse University iSchool)
  2. 美国华人的多元认同及中国民众的反应:以骆家辉为例的分析 Multiple Identities of Chinese Americans and Responses from Chinese in Mainland China: A Case Study of Gary Locke (Yiping CHEN, Jinan University)
  3. Chinese Gods in New American Homes? Material Religion, Rituals, and Community (Jonathan H. X. LEE, San Francisco State University and Vivian-Lee NYITRAY, University of California Riverside)
S10: Researching the Chinese Presence in Atlantic Canada-Family and Place

  1. Where East meets Eastern: Chinese early migration to Atlantic Canada (James H. MORRISON, Saint Mary’s University)
  2. Early establishment of the Chinese community in Halifax, 1890-1925 (Grace BELL, Saint Mary’s University)
  3. The Lees: a Chinese family’s century in Halifax (Albert LEE, Chinese Canadian photographer)

  1. 海外青田人社团与其乡缘意识的增生与回归 (暨南大学  高伟浓)
  2. 八闽新侨觅缘踪  史海钩沉东西洋——庄国土教授主持编纂《福建新移民调查资料汇编》与《清代华侨史补充资料》中美国部分之析介 (厦门大学  张长虹)
  3. 边缘的权力中心—新加坡潮人俱乐部醉花林的历史变迁与角色 (新加坡国立大学 李志贤)

Thursday, May 17, 2012        12:15pm-1:30pm

S12: Million Dollar Mile – Media Submission (Karin LEE, Filmmaker & Instructor)

Thursday, May 17, 2012         1:30pm–3:00pm

S13: Diversities and Similarities of Chinese Overseas Society: A Comparative Perspective (1:30-4:00pm)

  1. The Current State of Chinese America: International Migration, Modes of Incorporation, and the Challenges of Success (Min ZHOU, University of California, Los Angeles)
  2. Brain Circulation and Transnational Chinese: Highly Skilled New Migrants in China, Singapore, and Britain (Hong LIU, Nanyang Technological University)
  3. 当代“地缘组织”的精英模式:日本华侨社会个案研究 (日本武藏野美术大学 廖赤阳)
  4. The Transition and the Transformation of Chinatowns in Japan (Wei WANG, National University of Kagawa)
  5. Multi-stream Flows Re-shaped Chinese Communities in Canada (Kenny ZHANG, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada)
  6. New Chinese Migrant Community in Cambodia: A Fieldwork Report (James K. CHIN, University of Hong Kong)
S14: In Search of Values Overseas: Stories of Chinese American Librarians

  1. Finding the Chinese-American Self in Scholarly Activities and Achievements (Shuyong JIANG, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  2. Organizational Action Makes the Visibility of Chinese American librarians (Lisa ZHAO, University of Illinois at Chicago)
  3. Achievements, contributions and characteristics of Chinese American Librarians (Qi CHEN, Argosy University)
  4. Diversity of Values in LIS Education in the United States (Ling Hwey JENG, Texas Woman’s University)
  5. Dr. Hua-wei Lee and his contribution to Sino-American Librarianship (Huanwen CHENG & Lei WANG, Sun Yat-Sen University)

  1. Literature of Chinese Immigrants in Canada (Macy ZHENG, McGill University)
  2. Family Portraits in Asian North American Literature: Jean Kwok’s Girl in Translation and Sung J. Woo’s Everything Asian (Jennifer Junwa LAU, University of Toronto)
  3. Coolie Encodings: representations of the coolie/emigrant figure in early 20th century Chinese fiction (Elizabeth Evans WEBER, University of California, Los Angeles)
  4. Chinese Fatherhood as Alternative to Hypermasculinity in West Indian Fiction (Anne-Marie Lee-Loy, Ryerson University)
S16: A Chinese Reformer in Exile: Kang Youwei and the Baohuanghui in North America

  1. Kang Youwei’s Travels in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, 1899–1909 (Robert L. WORDEN, Library of Congress)
  2. The United States as a Site for Baohuanghui Activism (Jane Leung LARSON, Baohuanghui Scholarship)
  3. Kang Youwei in Canada and the Early Development of Baohuanghui in North America, 1899-1905 (Zhongping CHEN, University of Victoria)
  4. Kang Youwei in Mexico (Evelyn HU-DEHART, Brown University)

  1. The Forgotten Ties (Lily CHOW, Researcher & Writer)
  2. A Journey to Serve:  A Chinese American Woman’s Service in the Canadian Armed Forces during WW II (Sharyne Shiu THORNTON, The International District Housing Alliance)
  3. Nation State and Transnational Chinese Community in the Cold War: China and Indonesia, 1955-1965 (Taomo ZHOU, Cornell University)
  4. The Intertwined History of Chinese in Cuba and the United States (Mary-Alice WATERS, Pathfinder Press)

  1. Navigating the Doublespeak of Parental Involvement in Canadian Schools: Perspectives of Chinese Immigrants (Yan GUO, University of Calgary)
  2. Teaching Mandarin Chinese to Heritage Learners in America (Whitney HAO, University of California, Riverside)
  3. 文化传承与文化跨越研究 — 以20世纪80年代后华人新移民子女为中心 (暨南大学  鞠玉华)
  4. 全美中文学校协会与美国华文教育(暨南大学 周聿峨)

Thursday, May 17, 2012        3:15pm – 4:45pm


  1. “Chinese Canadian Stories”: a University – Community Collaboration Project (Allan CHO & Yu LI, University of British Columbia)
  2. Preserving History and Exploring Resources: A  U.S. – China Experience (Ying XU, California State University)
  3. My experience with the Ron Bick Lee collection as a young archivist (Qinqin ZHANG, University of Western Ontario)
  4. Internment Notices in Newspaper Published in Cebu, Philippines: A Source for Chinese Bio-Profiles (Gyo MIYABARA, Osaka University)

  1. Literary activities of early Chinese in Canada: the transformation of classical poetry in the Diaspora (Laifong LEUNG, University of Alberta)
  2. 中国维度下的天使岛诗歌史诗性和文学性再认识Recognition of the Epic Quality and Literariness of the Poetry on Angel Island from the Chinese Dimension (暨南大学 易淑琼)
S21: China in the Overseas Imaginary: Huaqiao and the Strengthening China Movement

  1. The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association and China, 1884-1922 (Ying LIU and Tina BEBBINGTON, University of Victoria)
  2. The Transpacific Fights of the Dare-to-Die Vanguard of the Overseas Chinese, 1915-1916 (Zhongping CHEN, University of Victoria)
  3. Victoria Cheung and the War of Resistance against Japanese Imperialism (John PRICE, University of Victoria)
  4. China’s State Farms for Returned Overseas Chinese: Models or Burdens? (Xiaorong HAN, Butler University)
S22: Chinese Women in the Northwest Americas (Panel proposal submitted by Chinese in Northwest America Research Committee)

  1. Learning to play a public role through religions and politics:  Early Chinese women in North America (Bennet BRONSON)
  2. Identity issues, Values, and Cultures as seen in Neillie Towers Yip, Sue Gee Jackman, and Jennie Wong Diment (Larry WONG)
  3. Immigration Policies and Cultural Prejudice:  Ladies who crossed the boundaries – “prostitutes” in the Northwestern region before 1920 (Chuimei HO)

  1. 海外客家人的文化认同 (嘉应大学 房学嘉)
  2. 國家認同與國民觀念的重建–以美國舊金山華人社會對民國成立的反應為中心 (臺灣中央研究院 湯熙勇)
  3. 从血统认同到利益认同—正确认识未来海外华人与中国的关系 (复旦大学 葛剑雄)
  4. 地缘单位社会结构背景下的中国移民行为–以西班牙侨民为例 (Xiao FONG, Chinese Studies Center of Lu Xun and Eduardo Rubio ARDANAZ, University of Basque Country)
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